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5 Free Cover Letter Templates In Word

Updated Mar 27, 2021

by Staff Writer

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A cover letter is very important when applying for a job.

It'll set you apart from a pool of applications (competitions) for a specific position you're applying for in a company.

At some point in your career, you're going to need a cover letter detailing your skills, experiences, and expectations in your industry.

And look...

It's not easy to craft a cover letter that'll get you interviews fast. You might want to hire a professional cover letter copywriter to assist with writing a professional and persuasive cover letter.

But it's always important to include the cover letter with your application even if the company didn't request it.

How does your CV look like anyway? Try our free cv templates to enhance yours today.

How To Edit Our Cover Letters

You need to have Microsoft Word installed on your computer or mobile device.

Once done, then:

  • Select a cover letter sample of your choice and click download.
  • Open the file in Microsoft Word.
  • Double-click on the text you'd like to edit and replace it with your relevant information.

And that's it.