Bogus Colleges to Avoid in South Africa This Year

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South Africa has seen quite some increase in bogus colleges that claims to be registered with the department of higher education.

The department would like to warn students.

Bogus colleges to avoid in South Africa

Many parents saved money for their young adults to study further for a better life only to find that the college is not registered with the department. Over the years, common issues that students face when registered with an illegal institution include the inability to collect certificates and collecting certificates that are not credible.

So, it's important to verify the college or university, big or small, before you enroll in any of their available courses. Find the college's track record, to be certain the course you want to enroll for, the institution has the right to offer it.

In 2014, the Department of Higher Education laid criminal charges against most of these colleges and institutions.

Here, we removed a list of bogus colleges to avoid in South Africa as was listed by the department. We, unfortunately, falsely published 2 colleges (Shepperd Academy & Churchil Resource College - newly Churchil Technical College) which were legally registered with the DHET and would like to re-affirm that these are legitimate colleges as we've seen their registration certificates.
We'll review the list, and confirm with the department before listing them again. We've noticed how this article affected these institution and we regret publishing from an unreliable source without confirmation.

Check out the 40 bogus colleges in South Africa you must definitely avoid as listed by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).

Students must contact 0800 87 22 22 or visit the department's website for more information on how to verify a college.

How To Claim Your Refund

If you've already fallen victim to these bogus and illegal colleges in South Africa, there are steps you could take to claim your refund.

The first step is to claim your refund from the institution. Obviously, they will present to you their refund policy which doesn't apply for this case because they're operating illegally in the country.

If you don't succeed, you may approach a court with a confirmation letter from the department. The confirmation only indicates the course or college you've enrolled in is not registered with the department. Contact the Legal Aid Board at 0800 110 110 for further assistance if you can't afford a lawyer/attorney.