4 Best Ways to Expand Your Happiness at Work

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Most adults in South Africa spend the hours of the day at work, however, are they really happy work?

I've heard many colleagues considering quitting their jobs because of the working environment and not getting paid enough.

4 Best Ways to Expand Your Happiness at Work

If we are being honest the narrative that has constantly surrounded work and our future is one of drudgery and malcontent. So many stereotypes abound of the disgruntled worker who clocks in with despair on Monday and goes on a bender every Friday to “mentally prepare” themselves for the next work week.

It almost seems like nobody apart from entertainers and entrepreneurs actually enjoys their work these days and like we all can’t wait to leave the office space.

Which is weird because unless we win the lottery, we are probably going to spend a HUGE percentage of our lives before retirement living, breathing and working in the office space.

So, if we are going to be spending so much of our real adult lives working and trying to earn a living it only makes sense that we look for ways in which we can find happiness in the workplace.

The best 4 ways to expand your happiness at work

Since we can’t all win the lottery here are a few ways we can marry happiness and work together to create joy and wellness within us:

Pretty it up!

As cliché, as it sounds making the effort to pretty up your office space creates an interesting, calm space, can really increase your happiness at work.

Think about it, the reason why home feels so good is that it is familiar but also because it looks good to you.

That's why people move out to better homes or always try to decorate their living spaces. A calm space filled with nice plants, interesting notebooks, inspiring quotes, photos.

You can add natural lighting, comfortable furnishings, and personal items to your office place to increase its natural comfort.

Make friends

Being friendly with your co-workers can definitely make you look forward to the work-week, it is reported that close friendships at work increase productivity and increased productivity definitely results from a joyful heart.

So, take advantage of the people you interact with daily, find common interests, and common grounds that can spark lively conversations so you have something to look forward to every week.

Play Games

If your workspace and structure allow for it you can carve out a little area for fun activities at work where you can chill out and relax your brain.It not only increases your happiness at work, but it also relieves tension and can help you think of better solutions to problems that can creep up at work.

A few minutes of this will definitely put a smile on your smile and not make you feel like work is ball and chain around your fragile necks.

Hang Out

After work, you can go for dinner or a round of drinks with like minds and just relax in each other's company.

This relaxed, easy mood sets you up to find out each other's beliefs, family structure, relationship statuses amongst other interesting things.

This bonding session allows for a greater understanding of your co-workers and can make you more sensitive to their plights. This leads to a warmer work environment and a warm environment definitely leads to happiness at work.