Experience vs Work History in Resume (With Examples)

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Experience vs Work History in Resume (With Examples)

Often job applicants are never certain what to include in their curriculum vitae between experience and work history.

Of course, there's a distinct difference between the two terms.

So today I want to show the difference and when to use each term in your resume/cv.

Let's get started.

Experience vs Work History in Resume

What's the Difference?

Work history is a detailed timeline with dates of your career.

Employers need this information to understand your history and the period you'd usually work at any company.

For example, if in your past, you'd work at a company for just 12 months and leave, whereas the hiring company is looking for a permanent staff member, this data will influence their decision in hiring you.

Example of Work History:

Company name: Hello Youth
Period: July 2017 - Current
Title: Content Writer
Summary: Write articles that are well-optimized for search engine optimization (SEO). Collaborate and proofread content with senior editors. Publish the content and submit it for indexing on Google. Share the published content on social media pages with the audience.

Whereas experience is your specialty.

This is where you'll detail your skills and roles and how they impacted the company you worked for.

They sound very similar to work history, but it's the content you include in your resume that makes the difference.

Example of Experience
Resources Management
  • Ensuring company goals and needs are met with available resources.
  • Actively participating in the development and delivery of project strategies and goals.
  • Reducing costs and increasing profits by analyzing operations within the company.

When to Use Experience vs Work History?

Quite frankly, you can use them both in one cv.

It's just a matter of how much content the job description requires from applications.

You must always have a work history section in your resume. And the experience section is usually used by executives and CEOs.

Can you Include Volunteer Work in Your Experience?

It just depends on the level of experience you have.

However, if you don't have a lot of experience and work history, then yes, include your volunteer work in the resume.

It's also important to only add important information that'll land you an interview.

Yes, volunteer work is also experience however you want to include the paid work experience in your resume if you want to win recruiters.

Where to Place the Work Experience Section?

Include the work experience section in the right place on your resume/cv.

It's the most valuable piece of content in your resume/cv that'll separate your job application from the rest.

So place it just under your profile summary below the education section.

This will assist the application tracking systems to quickly scan your resume and shortlist you for the interview faster.