Here's Why Building Your LinkedIn Profile Is So Important

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A good LinkedIn profile could be the difference between getting a job interview or cv/resume being ignored, so, its importance cannot be overstated.

LinkedIn is a professional networking hub with over 500 million subscribers.

Do you need a LinkedIn Profile?

You want to distinguish yourself by having a profile that stands out.

It is an avenue for you to brand yourself, painting a compelling picture of what you represent.

It not only contains basic information such as your name and contact details but other qualifications you have achieved and can be likened to having an online CV.

Your LinkedIn profile gives you the chance to create a good first impression to potential business contacts, so you want to make it as attractive as possible.

A good LinkedIn profile could be the difference between getting a job or remaining unemployed so its importance cannot be overstated. Also, whenever anyone searches for you on the internet, your LinkedIn profile pops up and is usually the first thing they check.

This gives you the opportunity to control the facts and details they garner, advertising your strengths and painting yourself in only the best light. Also, the thought leaders and executives you follow on LinkedIn say a lot about your ideology and all of this can be seen on your profile.

With millions of members on this platform, LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to network with professionals and experts who would most likely view your profile before communicating with you. Your LinkedIn profile projects your image to other professionals representing your brand and the services you provide.

It helps you advertise yourself and gives you more visibility.

Furthermore, it lends credibility to your services as recommendations from business contacts you’ve worked with can be seen on your profile.

The LinkedIn feature which enables you to upload documents and videos to your profile helps you create a holistic representation of your person further bolstering your image.

It enables you to showcase your accomplishments distinguishing you from the crowd. All of this is at no cost, so you want to take maximum advantage of this.

In short, this is your online cv/resume.

When companies want to recruit new employees, they are more likely to view your LinkedIn profile than any other social media account you might have so it’s important to ensure your LinkedIn profile is very appealing and serves to leverage your brand at all times.

You never know when opportunities may arise so constantly updating your profile is needed. Having a good LinkedIn profile also makes it easier for potential clients to locate you as your name would pop up on the search list if you’ve created a great profile that contains the necessary jargon peculiar to your trade.

In all, the better your profile, the more opportunities you have available to you. Based on your profile alone; LinkedIn can post job recommendations on your feed, you could meet potential clients and employees, make valuable contacts and sell yourself.

Update your profile and enjoy all these benefits.