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LinkedIn Resume Assistant for Microsoft Office 365 Users

Updated Feb 20, 2020

by Staff Writer

1 minute read

What if there was someone to assist you to create a professional and well-written CV/Resume?

The LinkedIn Resume Assistant for Microsoft Word is that tool (someone) designed and developed just for that purpose.

LinkedIn Resume Assistant for Microsoft Office 365 Users

There's nothing more exciting than sending an outstanding resume to employers with the right amount of information in it.

Let's show you how it works.

Using The LinkedIn Resume Assistant in Microsoft Word

LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform solely focused on jobs and businesses. It processes over millions of job postings and applications in a month.

Wouldn't you want someone as LinkedIn, with the experience and database of proven strategies to assist write your cv/resume?

Want to know the best part?

You'll save so much time analyzing which information to include in your cv/resume, the LinkedIn Resume Assistant will simplify that process for you. The tool will offer you so many suggestions to include in your cv writing.

The Resume Assistant is currently only available to MS Office 365 users.

Once you figure out exactly how it works, you'll optimize your existing cv with useful content based on profiles from professionals on LinkedIn.


You'll need the latest version of Office 365 to access the resume assistant.

If you still cannot see the toolbar, follow these steps to enable the LinkedIn assistant in Microsoft Word.

  1. Open your document in MS Word.
  2. Under Review, go to the Resume Assistant.
  3. Provide the tool with the Role and Industry.
  4. Then at the bottom of the panel, toggle the Resume button.

That's it.

Could You Really Rely On The CV/Resume Assistant?

Yes, the LinkedIn Assistant will help you produce a professional and enhanced cv/resume.

But, you'd still be required to write your resume with information that best suits your role and probably the position you want to apply for.

The assistance you're going to get will be based on existing data on LinkedIn.

To stand out, you'd want to include the exact strategies and methods you've used to succeed in the previous job.