Malls in Joburg with free WIFI

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Johannesburg has the finest shopping malls in the country that offers over 1000 WiFi hot-spots as part of the smart city initiative.

Every mall in South Africa offers unique shopping facilities and services but only a few provide free WiFi.

Malls in Joburg with free WIFI

Students in colleges and universities depend mostly on the internet for research on their studies however the cost of data in South Africa is up the roof. The average working class in South Africa cannot afford data for personal interests.

Young people visit shopping malls every day and only a few know about these available hot spots for free WiFi.

The following malls are working toward closing that gap to attract more customers/shoppers to the malls. Imagine what you can do with an hour of free WIFI or 300MB data, a lot would you agree?

You can send an important message to family and friends or send that business email that needed to go out very quickly.

Shopping Malls that offer free WiFi

1. Mall of Africa

Share your Mall of Africa shopping experience with friends and family on social media. Connect to the free wifi in the mall and share your pictures and videos.

2. Greenstone

Powered by Always On, customers have access to one hour or 100 mb free WIFI in the centres common areas. Ensure your wifi is on when entering the centre, register on, select complimentary access and enjoy. Once registered simply login and claim your complimentary access each time. Selected stores and restaurants also offer free WIFI, simply keep your wifi connection on to pickup the various locations.

3. Eastgate Shops

Wi-Fi can be accessed at selected stores such as Cape Town Fish Market, Mugg & Bean, Primi Piatti, Sausage Saloon, Wichita Spur and Wimpy.

4. Cedar Square

Cedar Square offers a unique shopping experience with an array of stores to suit all shopping and entertainment desires. From clothing, dining, leisure & entertainment, electronics, gifts, health & beauty, children's clothing & toys, homeware, and jewelry & accessories - Cedar Square is the place to get it all.

5. Sandton City and Nelson Mandela Square

Both located in Sandton, aim at bringing sensational shopping experience to shoppers by offering free wifi. Anyone going to the malls can access wifi, simply search for the wifi in your devices, accept their terms and conditions and enjoy your fast connectivity on the internet.