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Updated Sep 25, 2020

by SBK Media Group

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There are different types of social media in South Africa; namely Collaborative (e.g. Wikipedia), Blogs (e.g. Twitter), Content videos (e.g. Youtube), Social Networking (e.g. Facebook), Visual Game World (e.g. War Craft), Visual Social World (e.g. Life).

The World of Video: The Youth Must Adapt to a New World - The New Revolution

In South Africa alone, there were 11.8 million Facebook users in 2014 - the largest market in Africa after Egypt. The age demographics of these user groups are 18-24 (35%), 25-34 (28%), 49% are male and 51% female. Youtube accounted to 7,2 million users, Twitter 6,6 million users, LinkedIn to 3,8 million.

What does this mean?

It means we have entered a Visual Revolution – video becoming the dominant medium.

This means every cell-phone that is sold in the market must be able to capture a video, and not only just a video but a video with its features - with tools to edit and publish and for sharing. Smartphones can capture the world. It is much easier to take a photo or capture a video as well as share it on social media platforms with a Smartphone. Mobile phone cameras are simple and mostly easy to use, and with this privilege, people take pictures and capture videos and sharing them on social media all the time.

Video is a powerful and immediate medium for storytelling and reporting. If a GOOD video is captured ad shared responsibly on social media, it can:

  • Reach huge audience, circulate and raise dialogue amongst people
  • Be used to promote and spread ideas for good courses/charity
  • Be used to share empowering contents
  • Be used for positive advocacy
  • Be used for research purposes
  • Be easily set-up, navigated, access photos, etc
  • Be used to tell a visual story

Apart from the obvious benefits of capturing and sharing video, you can even stream it live from your smartphone.

“We need to know exactly why social media has so much power and influence on today’s youth. Social media has greatly affected the way today’s youth spend their leisure time. However, with the rise in social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, more and more people are logging in every day just to interact and share information with friends and followers. Moreover, social media has also changed the way people socialize and interact with each other. Unfortunately, youth who spend a lot of time on social media are at higher risk for depression, low self-esteem, and eating disorders and more prone to feeling isolated and disconnected (McGillivray N., 2015).” - this is according to PANNSTATE Website.

But social media is nothing without a video. “It is not true if it cannot be seen (video as proof)”, “You were not there if e can’t see it (video as proof)”, “It didn’t happen if we can’t see it (video as proof)”, etc. These are what the youth of today would ask you if you didn’t make a video as evidence.

Many companies are chasing this transformation train, they are changing their traditional ways of conducting business - increasing budgets in digital media platforms and attracting new talents of tech-savvy generations.

Every business that needs new skills needs to know how to invest and play in the digital media industry, video the most important resource in advertising. So, for one looking for a job in the media industry needs to know how to shoot a video and edit it.
A video is important in marketing a product or a company on social media platforms. It is a very effective and customer orientated approach to upload a video on the company website these days.

But weddings, parties, and funerals as well need their share in the market. “if it is not on video it didn’t happen”, we see as well events management companies and videographers resorting to adopting new ways of editing a video and sharing it on social media platforms.

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The Practical Video Production Workshop
The Practical Video Production Workshop