SASSA R350 Grant Payment Dates for June 2022

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As you may well know, the SASSA R350 grant has been extended until March 2023 to financially support the disadvantaged citizens in South Africa.

Often toward the end of every month, SASSA would announce the R350 grant payment dates for the next month, which in this case would be June 2022.

We're hoping the agency will announce dates for next as people are already getting frustrated for not getting payments for April 2022 already.

So this article is going to keep track of the payment dates for June 2022, please follow us on social media to get notified.

R350 Grant Payment Dates for June 2022

The new R350 special grant has tighten up the qualification criteria, so SASSA has encouraged people to reapply. Each application will be reconsidered every month to ensure beneficiaries still qualify for the grant.

If you have re-applied, here's what each of the statues you'll get mean.

  • Pending – Your application was received by SASSA and now processing. You might need to keep checking your status because if an error occured during the submission, you'd want to urgently submit all the required information.
  • Application complete – Your reapplication successfully completed, now your details will be verified by SASSA. If all goes well, an SMS will be sent on to confirm your grant payment.
  • Banking details pending – You will need to enter the correct banking details, in your name.
  • Month pending – Your reapplication details will be reconsidered and verified for each month to check if you still qualify for the R350 grant.