Rural Sports Halt As Covid-19 Cases Surges

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TZANEEN: Living under strict Lockdown reguations due to Covid-19 pandemic becomes a heavy burden to most in the rural communities across the country. They are now feeing the void of happiness as their lives seem to be held at ransom by the pandemic.

Rural Sports Halt As Covid-19 Cases Surges

For those who make a living by hosting soccer tournaments in those communities, their source of income remains bleak as rules under level 3 barring any contact sports to take place.

Some residents in other communities who wanted to quech the thirst of dry soccer games organized the matches.Their actions went against the regulations of Lockdown level 3. It resulted with the police arresting some and dispersing the crowds.

The Acting Provincial Commissioner of Police in Limpopo, Major General Jan Scheepers strongly condemned the action of such people over the weekend. That's after the clash between police and soccer lovers took place in Tlhabine village,Tzaneen.

Their actions (soccer lovers) resulted in throwing stones at the police and damaging the State vehicle during a soccer tournament. This is after the police received the information about the event that was going on in the area and on arrival, both players and spectators started scattering in different directions.

The Department of Sports in Limpopo urged the communities to adhere to the rules and not hosting any contact sports gathering as yet. Spokesperson Jermina Kaka, has noted with regrets after the incidents came into their attention. She said they are appealing to all people to use the given guidelines by Health department.

This is critical moment for all of us. Its an unpredictable situation that we see ourselves in. The best practice to this (Covid19) is social distancing, washing hands, and other measures that are to be followed. She said.

Two people, an organizer aged 58 and a soccer player aged 26, were arrested for organizing a soccer tournament at Mohlabaneng village under Bolobedu policing area in contravention of the Disaster Management Act. The organizer paid five thousand rands (R5000.00) admission of guilt fine and the player paid one thousand rands (R1000.00).

Scheepers warned all community members to stop organizing and attending soccer tournaments, whether as players or spectators, as this is still prohibited under the Disaster Management Act. The Police will act against anyone who organizes soccer tournaments and this will include arrest, concluded General Scheepers.