The Central Supplier Database (CSD) And Why This Initiative Was Created

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Would you like to service and provide goods to government departments but don't know how?

In this post, you'll learn how to join and register for the Central Supplier Database (CSD) and why this initiative was created.

The Central Supplier Database (CSD) And Why This Initiative Was Created

In fact, the database consists of over 72 000 suppliers providing goods and quality services to government entities.

Let's get started.

What is the purpose of CSD?

CSD was launched in April 2016 by the National Treasury. The aim was to consolidate and maintain a central database of all government suppliers.

This will simplify government procurement processes and hopefully the costs for both parties.

The government will now have information from a single database of key suppliers.

Who's eligible to register for the supplier's database?

A supplier is any company or a single person on the system who could provide goods and services to the government.

How does it work?

Suppliers would need to self-register their accounts or information on the CSD system. The submitted information will be reviewed and assessed before included in the database.

So, it's important to always update your details on the system. It is easy to use, you'll just need to login and access your account to update information.

This includes your:

  • Personal;
  • Contact;
  • Banking;
  • And tax information.

Once all the information has been submitted and you're assigned a job, you'll need to send the invoice to the relative government department for payments.

And you'll have access to the CSD report online. Log on to CSD, click the Reports tab, and then Registration Summary to access your supplier report.

Your supplier number and unique registration reference (which will be generated for you during registration) will be required to view your report.

It's that simple to view your CSD report.

CSD Contact Details

Visit the Central Supplier Database on for more detailed information.

Under the contact us page on the website, you'll find contact information for CSD in your area (per province).

Good Luck!