How the Invigilator App is the Solution SA Education Institutions Need

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The Invigilator – the proudly South African, mobile-first exam assessment tool that uses artificial intelligence to prevent cheating and collusion in remote online examinations and assessment. The app is currently the top education app in the country and is being utilised by UNISA as well as other large tertiary institutions as we head towards the examination period.

SA’s most accessible remote exam assessment tool smashes the charts as 250 000 UNISA students set to download it ahead of their online exams

How the Invigilator App is the Solution SA Education Institutions Need

South Africa - The Invigilator App, the remote, mobile-first exam assessment tool developed by local academics for all students in the new online education era, has topped the charts as the most downloaded free education app in South Africa this week.

This happened after 50 000 students from the University of South Africa (UNISA), SA’s biggest university, downloaded the app this week, with another 200 000 still expected ahead of their upcoming remote exams to ensure the integrity of those exam results.

An exam assessment tool developed by local academics to meet local challenges

The Invigilator is a mobile-first remote academic assessment app developed by academics to meet the challenges of inclusive education in today’s world.

Reducing collusion and cheating in remote assessments essential for academic integrity – but SA has unique challenges

Using artificial intelligence (AI), the cost-effective and non-invasive app mitigates the risk of cheating and collusion to ensure the integrity of remote academic assessments. Its features include facial recognition and liveness detection, speech detection, GPS proximity mapping, and script upload functionality.

To overcome the data, WiFi and smart device accessibility issues faced by most South African students, the app was also designed to offer data-light document downloading, scanning, and uploading, and low battery and offline functionality. The app works on all types of smartphones, including older feature phones. The Invigilator integrates with local institutions’ existing learner management systems and comes with a support desk for users and educators requiring assistance.

The Invigilator app was developed by three lecturers, Nicholas Riemer, Dewald Joubert, and Jurie Wessels, who felt dismayed knowing their students’ education and future careers would likely be jeopardised due to the challenges of their online exams during the early days of lockdown.

Most students in the country lack the resources required for high-tech remote invigilation, and most academic institutions were unable to mount the cost and technological barriers posed by existing, internationally available invigilation tools, while navigating the safety challenges with in-venue exams during the pandemic.

“The country needed an innovative academic invigilation solution that would uniquely solve the problems faced by local academic institutions, their teaching staff, and students in obtaining trustworthy test results in the online era. So, we founded The Invigilator App in June 2020 and had a few big South African universities as customers right from the start. For UNISA, the biggest institution using the app, it solves many of their complex pain points,” says Nicholas Riemer, co-founder and CEO of The Invigilator. Today seven South African universities, as well as schools and companies, are using The Invigilator to validate their online tests and exams, with many more expected to join in the near future.

About The Invigilator App

Launched in 2020, The Invigilator App is a tool that mitigates the risk of unethical behaviour during online assessments and examinations, using non-invasive Artificial Intelligence (AI) to prohibit collusion and cheating. Unlike international proctoring systems, The Invigilator was specifically designed by South African academics to address uniquely South African socio-economic challenges.

The Invigilator was designed for academics, by academics, and has been built and priced so that South African universities and schools can move to continuous assessment, improving teaching and learning in South Africa. The Invigilator is the only South African online assessment system that does not exclude the more basic, older smartphone models. It is also user-friendly, requiring minimal data and battery and is the most competitive alternative to current proctoring solutions being used by many institutions. The tool can be incorporated into each institutions current systems and students can be onboarded at speed as students are able to contact its South African support centre for any assistance.

Some institutions currently using The Invigilator include the University of South Africa (UNISA), University of Johannesburg (UJ), Rhodes University (RU), North West University (NWU), Boston City Campus (BCC), University of Cape Town (UCT), Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) as well as Accounting Professional Training (APT).

About The Invigilator co-founder and CEO Nicholas Riemer

Riemer is a registered chartered accountant, lecturer, and investment expert by background, who has a passion for the advancement of future-focused education solutions in under-resourced settings. After co-founding the app with two fellow academics and his software engineer brother, Riemer gave up his successful corporate financial services and teaching career to focus full-time on building and scaling The Invigilator for the South African market and beyond. It is a cause he believes in.