The KFC Mini-Cricket Expands Inquisitiveness In Limpopo

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POLOKWANE: Sponsorship gives brands the opportunity to connect customers with something they love and are passionate about.

That is the mission of KFC mini-cricket, as they have gathered so much support throughout the country.

The KFC Mini-Cricket Expands Inquisitiveness In Limpopo

This past weekend, the event which attracted many spectators and cricket lovers from schools took place in Polokwane. It happened as part of the KFC's initiative to empower kids from disadvantaged backgrounds to be the future of the country's representatives in the international stage.

For many communities across South Africa, these connections present an opportunity for improvement of their worlds, inspiring unity, hope and potentially making a significant impact on various aspects of everyday life in a tough environment.

Children from Giyani which is a small town in Limpopo grabbed the opportunity with both hands to grow and develop their skills through their participation in the KFC Mini-Cricket. They participated under the guidance of their coach, Patrick Mabasa, who is a teacher by profession. Mabasa believes that Cricket is a calling for him hence he loves it with his heart.

Patrick Mabasa with his memory of the KFC T20 International and headmistress Glory Mativandlela with some of the teachers from the school

"Cricket is a calling for me and seeing kids interact through the game, makes my heart smile. Being part of the KFC Mini-Cricket programme, I simply wanted to encourage children to be active members of the community through sport one which they've grown to love immensely, and which has taken a central role in their lives," said Mabasa.

When asked why coaching is important for developing kids, he says that the lessons learned both on and off the field of play help to develop tolerance and respect in children. He stated that it also helps to equip them better to recognize and appreciate the differences and similarities between themselves and others.

"This, in effect, encourages social cohesion that can help alleviate some of the harms kids are exposed to in their everyday lives at schools and in their communities," he says.

Driven by his love for teaching and important life lessons, Mabasa thought it would be great to create a space for children who play KFC Mini-Cricket to have a library in which they can cultivate their knowledge and learn without hindrances. Its this ability to encourage them to become all-rounders, beyond cricketing, which sets Mabasa apart.

With the children gathering diligently after school, Mashaba realized education and sport play a mutually beneficial role in enabling these children to grow into members of society who will make meaningful contributions.

The seamless incorporation of sport and education is a demonstration of how targeted sponsorships in local communities can drive authentic engagement that directly benefits the people with benefits to the brand as a welcome by-product. KFC remains committed to continuing to make a difference and noteworthy impact in the lives of children throughout South Africa.