The Universal Branch Codes for major banks in South Africa

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Today, I'm going to share with you the universal branch code for all major banks in South Africa.

I know finding the bank-specific branch code isn't easy but there's an alternative.

Universal Branch Codes for Banks in SA

The universal branch code is all you need to complete your online transactions.

Universal branch code - The definition

Before the introduction of the universal branch code system by SARS, users were required to have the bank-specific code in order to complete payments online.

A branch code basically tells the area of the bank where you've opened the account at.

It's a simple 6 digit number that helps banks validate online payments.

And then, the universal branch code system was introduced to simplify the process of making internet payments.

A single code is assigned to a bank for all its branches. This is very helpful to the internet banking users who struggled with branch codes.

Many banks in South Africa have adopted the use of generic branch codes to satisfy user experience in banking with them.

Fun fact, Capitec Bank only offers its customers the universal code when they search on the website.

Universal branch codes for banks

  • FNB (250655)
  • Capitec (470010)
  • Standard Bank (051001)
  • ABSA (632005)
  • Nedbank (198765)
  • African Bank (430000)
  • Bank of Athens (410506)
  • Bidvest Bank (462005)
  • Investec (580105)
  • SA Post Bank - Post Office (460005)