We are Vaccinating More Than 28 000 A Day

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Limpopo Provincial government has expanded its COVID-19 vaccine sites to Primary Health Care (PHC) facilities. The Premier of Limpopo Province, Mr Chupu Stanley Mathabatha led expansion of the programme at Semenya Clinic, Ga-Semenya Village, 17 September 2021.

"In the next four weeks the province will make up to 247 clinics accessible to the public for vaccination. We would like to see all people of Limpopo vaccinated by the time festive season begins so that their lives return to normality; that they attend weddings and related activities without worry. Each and everyone one must make it a public knowledge that they are vaccinated and encourage those not yet vaccinated that it’s their responsibility to do so”, said Premier Mathabatha.

We are Vaccinating More Than 28 000 A Day

Since the availability of COVID-19 vaccine, Limpopo had 7 vaccination sites, increased to 21 and later to 37 with additional two Universities used as vaccination sites. The Province has now passed its vaccination target of 10 000 per day to more than 28 000 per day. With the opening of these 247 facilities as vaccination site, Limpopo will have more people access nearby clinics and health centers for vaccination.

This initiative is geared to increasing accessibility of vaccines and reduce cost of traveling to get vaccinated.

Limpopo Health MEC, Dr Phophi Ramathuba, praised the sterling leadership of Premier Mathabatha for pushing to have more vaccination sites opened and set target of people getting vaccinated.

“As a Province we are among the top three with high numbers of people vaccinated in the country, but when it comes to adults who are fully vaccinated we take the lead. This is due to the supporting leadership of the Premier”, said Dr Ramathuba.

The Province has slowly ebbed out of the third wave and communities are encouraged to make use of this window period to get their vaccinated. This will ease restrictions and ensure the province reaches herd immunity sooner and save lives.

Before the opening of the primary health care facilities for vaccination, Limpopo had embarked on vaccination outreach, workplace, key sector such as mining, farming drive to increase the number of people vaccinated. This makes it easy to access workers in their place of work.

“Bringing the vaccine to our local clinic is quite a stunning move, it give us hope that for those who were struggling to get to hospital they will be able to access it nearby. Vaccine is very important to our lives at this stage. People must show up and get vaccinated,” said Mapula Mehlape from Mothiba clinic, who got her jab.