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Student Loan Calculator

Updated Mar 27, 2021

by Staff Writer

Before applying for a student loan, it's always best to understand the figures before signing any agreement with the loan provider.

Our student loan calculator provides you with a possible estimate for the loan you want to get. You'll know the monthly installments, the interest charged and your overall debt.

We hope this will help you budget your monthly cash flow to avoid living in fear of debt collectors.

  • Monthly Payment: R
  • Total Payment: R
  • Total Interest: R

Loan Calculator Explained

This is how to use this student loan calculator.

  • Loan Amount: To get the most accurate results, you need to provide the loan amount you want to borrow for your studies.
  • Interest Rate: This is how much interest you'll be charged by the lender of your choice. Calculate the possible total interest charged for the student loan amount.
  • Monthly Payment: Your estimated monthly installments for the total payment. This will be shown on the results section after clicking the "calculate repayment" button.
  • Total Payment: This is your total loan payment with interest rate included.